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Discover a Little-Known Multi-Touch Digital Marketing Approach That Drives Traffic from Your Customers and Competitor’s Customers!

If you’re like the other high-performing dealers that PSM works with, you’re probably tired of your digital advertising. It could be that you want better results.  Perhaps your ads are stale and haven’t been updated in months, or maybe your artwork and ad copy just seem lame. If you feel this way, your customers and prospects are feeling it too, and it's reducing the effectiveness and results of your marketing. 

Regardless of the reason, if you’d like to get better results and have a more enjoyable experience with your digital marketing, you're in the right place.  
PSM's Integrated Digital Marketing Program is a game-changer, and it all starts by utilizing the best media. We leverage Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Remarketing to stay in front of customers and prospects everywhere they go. 

That's what good digital advertising does... it stays on prospects like a spider-monkey (thanks Ricky Bobby) until they buy. In fact, you’ve probably looked at a product online, then saw ads for it everywhere you went and ended up buying. We all have – that’s why this program works so well. 

You Choose The Categories Each Month!

Popular Categories

  •  General Dealership Ads
  •  An OEM (often a promotion)
  •  Parts Specials
  • ​ Service Specials
  • ​ Used Inventory
  • ​ We Buy Bikes
  • ​ Top-Dollar for Trade-ins
Based on feedback, we wanted to give our clients the ability to be more involved in the direction of their digital marketing. Every month, we update and/or change your ads & graphics based on their performance and your feedback. We'll reach out with a recommendation, and you get to choose what we focus on.

The program provides 4 categories by default, and you can add more for a small increase in your monthly amount. Most dealers choose for us to focus on: 1. The dealership; 2. An OEM (promo); 3. Parts special; 4. Service special.

However, we adjust these categories based on your wants and needs. For instance, some of our clients choose to do a Buy Back or a Trade-in / Cash Out category if they're running low on inventory. Some choose to focus on Used Inventory. After you choose, we get busy creating graphics and building the best digital ads that money can buy for your dealership.  

Done For You Graphic Creation

Speaking of graphic creation, this was a big factor in creating the Integrated Digital Marketing Program. (Check out a few samples to the right.)

The need for having quality graphic updates each month is expounded because there aren’t millions of people in your market area to target. It's proven that customers and prospects see your ads several times, which increases the importance of having new content. When people see the same ad over and over they learn to ignore it, and subsequently, learn to ignore your dealership.  

This is why so many dealers struggle with whether they should hire a graphic artist or not. They know they need fresh graphics, but there isn't 40 hours of graphics work to do every week. When dealers hire a graphic artist, they end up have them fulfill other functions and responsibilities around the dealership, and it inevitably ends up failing. The dealer ends up unhappy because the graphic artist isn't good at fulfilling other roles, or the employee becomes unfulfilled since they're not doing what they were hired to do.

PSM solves this issue. You have the flexibility to change the ads and categories each month, or to keep them the same for a month or two. When a big OEM promotion comes up, we’ll change your ads. If you need to get rid of some used inventory, we'll change your ads. 

The bottom line is this... we update your graphics and optimize your ads monthly so you stay fresh and relevant.

Reach Your Customers & Competitor's Customers

We invest your ad spend in the best way possible... we target the audience that's most likely to respond and buy something from you. Many digital agencies will superficially increase the results of their digital ads through broad targeting. We're completely opposite. Nothing's worse than wasting your digital budget on unqualified people, or those who will never become your customer. There's a better way.

We build a custom audience for each of our clients that's comprised of past customers and a lookalike group of their competitor’s customers. In other words, we strategically target the hottest audience available in digital marketing. 

Whether you're a large metro dealer, or located in a small rural area, our competitor's are unable to replicate our formula or achieve our results.

No Contracts - No Auto-Renewals - No Fine Print

As former dealers, we treat you the way we want to be treated. We don’t do contracts, there are no long-term auto renewals, and there’s no fine print. This means our clients do business with us because they like the way we take care of them and love the results we generate… not because they’re legally bound by a contract. We think that’s a pretty fair way to do business.

Being privately-held also makes us more nimble. There’s no red-tape for us to jump through, so it’s easier for us to maintain the best technologies available, be FAST on updates and take advantage of new best practices before our competitors can. This enables us to give our clients better results, which leads to an increase in business for you.

Getting Started Is Easy!

We understand that dealers are often a little trigger-shy to change their digital advertising providers, but our promise is to take care of our clients better than any company can or will. This is reflected in our industry-leading number of reviews! In fact, check out our Google Reviews, or take a look at what some of our clients have to say below (copied from Google)...
"Alyssa has been helping our 2 dealerships (...) and taking care of the details for us. She has gone above and beyond to make sure we are ready, and informed on all web related concerns. She has been a huge help to us, and we look forward to working with her..."

- Jon Weisner

PSM has done a great job in making the transition from Dealer Spike to a Firestorm Website fast and easy. The website looks great; we are also big fans of the back-end interface. I've been able to cut my time spent with inventory upkeep almost in half, which opens me up for other important tasks around the store. 

- Jorge Berrios

The PSM website team has been more than a pleasure to work with! Extremely knowledgeable, great communicators and an all-around great help! They've made our switch to them a positive experience and took a seemingly stressful time and made it very easy!

- Eric Walgren

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